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UK Chalkboard Company

For over 25 years the UK Chalkboard Company has specialised in delighting its many customers by providing unique and exceptional artist drawn and digitally produced chalkboards on our state-of-the-art Canon printer, we offer simply the best magnetic chalkboard surface you will find anywhere exclusive to us, our magnetic boards are simply the best you can buy.

restaurant chalkboards

We provide chalkboards for the hospitality industry where pubs, cafés, coffee houses, and tearooms all appreciated the value of high-end bespoke artwork which made their menus stand out from the crowd we have grown and expanded into being seen as a supplier of choice to a range of shops, boutiques, food trucks and offices.

We have also recognised that aside from the commercial market, our bespoke and intimately crafted chalkboard masterpieces are perfect for weddings creating a permanent memento for the bride and groom and also guests and for the home where the ability to have a personally designed board can make any room more a home.

Recognising the quality of our work, we have been delighted that Channel 4, BBC and Universal Films have all made use of our individually drawn chalkboards.

We have stared in “The World's End” film, the Lorraine Kelly show and supply the chalkboards for Gino D’Acampo’s new 'My Pasta Bar' shops throughout the UK. We have also worked with companies such as Ralph Lauren, twitter, Google, Sanderson, and Empire magazine. You can be assured that when you place an order with us, you that will be the start of a wonderful experience all the way through to the delivery of your individually designed and painted board. No-one will ever have the same as you, as we only deliver hand-crafted goods at a quality that is second to none.

Back to the Basics

At The Chalkboard Co, we make all of our products on site in our Essex workshop.

We employ skilled designers to digitally draw every chalkboard. Unlike other companies, we are unique in that all of our artwork is digitally drawn and produced on our state-of-the-art Canon Printer and not Screen Printedyou will love the result, and it will not wash or rub off.

As our chalkboards are handmade by us, we are extremely flexible with our designs and can design bespoke products such, including shaped chalkboards! Our in-house carpenter makes all of our A- boards, frames, table talkers etc. We are proud to manufacture our products in the UK

We offer everything even shaped chalkboards as all the designs are hand drawn and hand cut just about any design can be replicated and reproduced!

No job is too big or too small!

custom made chalkboards

All items on offer are available with or without artwork

a-boards cut to any size

All Chalkboards & A-boards can be cut to any size, painted any colour with any artwork

Chalkboard Artist

Artwork is digitally drawn and produced on our Canon Flatbed Printer

Chalkboards - cafe Chalkboard

All our Chalkboards are waterproof and weatherproof.

Chalkboards Made to Order

All Chalkboards are cut, made and designed to order, each Chalkboard that we produce is unique to you to meet your specific needs. We print with the highest quality print direct onto the chalkboard, the inks are guaranteed with Canon the last 7 years exterior use, so these will not rub or wash off, what you see within our website are just a few examples of what we do, we can do any design and style you require, we print directly onto pavement signs, unframed chalkboards, framed chalkboards and even magnetic chalkboards the possibility are endless.

Order on-line or contact us now and let us create the perfect chalkboard for your home or business.


Boards Made How You Want Them